Keep it simple, just 2 new habits. That’s all.

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Habit #1: Eat in the Dining Room with family. No smartphones and Netflix!

Want to save important details for quick access? Read on…

Create personal groups to store important info.
  • First create a new group — click on the three vertical dots on the top-right…

Granted, I can look to the internet for some of these answers, but it’s obviously better to see it unfold in person :)

Me hopping into my time machine, with some questions to explore. Drawn by…Yours truly :)

7 activities I find interesting to do when I’m “not in the mood”.

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1). Explore songs from different countries on Spotify

This will be a memory I’ll always be grateful for having created!

Me and the Merlion — eyeing each other!

Mahesh S.

Loves travelling, exploring different cultures, learning new things about the world!

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