7 activities I find interesting to do when I’m “not in the mood”.

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1). Explore songs from different countries on Spotify

Source: Yours Truly. Hence, please excuse the poor quality and blur!

This will be a memory I’ll always be grateful for having created!

Me and the Merlion — eyeing each other!

Eating advice for myself, and maybe for you.

Source: istockphoto.com

Thank you Toastmasters, Christopher Nolan, and Jeff Bezos!

Curiosity is what keeps me alive

At Lord’s Cricket Ground, London. Despite the sun, it was biting cold that day!

Answering all your questions here!

What I feel is wrong with a Democratic system of government, and what could we do to fix it?

The “People” are Key for a good Democratic function.

A short and sweet(!) Q&A with myself, talking about my recent endeavour to cut sugar from my diet.

Saying goodbye to sweets, for most part of my diet.

So, what did you want to say?


The play-break-play structure of Tennis & Cricket can teach us about “focussing on one thing at a time”.

Mahesh S.

Loves travelling, exploring different cultures, learning new things about the world!

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